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The visit to the Mother Dairy plant at Patparganj, New Delhi

The visit to the Mother Dairy plant at Patparganj, New Delhi, on 15th September 2023, proved to be an enlightening experience for the students of the Commerce stream in classes 11 and 12. Accompanied by their teachers, Ms. Dipti Choudhary and Mr. Sunil Kumar, this excursion aimed to offer a firsthand insight into the workings of a successful enterprise, extending education beyond the confines of textbooks.

Upon their arrival at the factory, the students were greeted with a refreshing glass of flavored milk, setting the tone for the day. The visit commenced with an informative video presentation that meticulously detailed each stage of Mother Dairy’s milk production process. From standardization and fortification to clarification, homogenization, and pasteurization, the students were exposed to the stringent quality standards and cutting-edge production techniques employed at this state-of-the-art facility.

What stood out during the visit was the pride and enthusiasm exhibited by the factory employees as they walked the students through the entire process. They emphasized the nutritional value of Mother Dairy’s milk, highlighting its role as a near-complete food source. In addition to this, an interactive session ensued, where students learned about the genesis of Mother Dairy and how it contributes to the welfare of farmers. The employees also shed light on the company’s environmentally friendly initiatives, such as rainwater harvesting and the use of solar energy, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

One of the students, in awe of the experience, remarked, “This visit has truly opened my eyes to the real-world application of what we study in school. It’s incredible to see how a successful business operates while upholding such high standards of quality and sustainability.”

As the tour continued, students were taken to the processing and logistics areas, where they were educated about the concerning issue of milk adulteration. Through practical demonstrations and experiments, the students gained valuable insights into detecting adulterants, further highlighting the importance of quality control.

In summary, the visit to Mother Dairy left an indelible mark on the students. It not only provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the dairy industry but also instilled in them a deeper appreciation for the efforts and values upheld by successful organizations. This excursion exemplified the power of experiential learning, making it clear that the lessons learned beyond the classroom can be just as valuable as those within it.



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