Shri Kenroy,
Athletic Director American Embassy School
Nice program very happy to be a part of it today
Ziedon Baviaa and NHUNG KIM DAC
Good school we hope development for you
Shri Lal Krishna Advani An extremely impressive sports meet my hearty compliments for Salwan Education Trust. Many Many thanks for inviting me to witness the spectacle
Shri VK Nambiar,
High commission of India Islamabad
I have been heartily impressed by the high quality of performance by the youth of the school. Not only are they highly proficient in their respective disciplines but also and beyond that they have the mental and spiritual qualities that accompany great achievements.
Shri Kishan Lal,
Director of National physical laboratory New Delhi
Very exciting exposition by brilliant students.
Justice R.C. Lahoti,
Supreme court of India
It is good to see as an eye witness the wonderful work which Salwans are doing in their humble way and with significant achievements in shaping the India of tomorrow. We are delighted to learn about the laurels earned by the students here in National field. Good wishes, may god be ever with you.
Shri M.R.Malik
The City School Network, Pakistan
We received a very warm welcome and it is wonderful to be here.
Shri Farhat Iqbal and Smt. Zeeba Kazmi,
The City School, Pakistan
It has been a wonderful experience being at Salwan schools and playing friendly matches. We all always cherish the sweet memories of our visit and would like to thank the Salwan students and staff for their kind hospitality, care and love.
Shri Kapil Dev Hope to come back again soon. I love my school days. When I am here, I was thinking of my school. Thanks.
Shri Ratan P. Watal,
DG sports authority of India New Delhi
Very well organized and inspiring function, congratulations.
Lieutenant General Sudhir Sharma,
Army headquarters
Very nice occasion. Feels good to be at a school with such high values. I am indeed humbled
Wing Commander Arijit Ghosh,
Secretary of Air force Sports Control Board
It was a great honor to be present here. It was wonderful to see the efforts being put by the school. Please keep up the good work.
Dr. O.S. Prem,
Education advisor
A fantastic experience. Keep up the good work.
Lieutenant General S.S. Kumar, Army headquarters A unique opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful occasion. All the best and God bless.
Brigadier A.S. Nagra A very vibrant and enthusiastic crowd, well done, keep it up.
Brigadier V.P. Singh What an honor to be chief guest on the occasion of annual day of this good School. School contribution towards nation building has been immense. I wish the school all the best.
Lieutenant General Jai Prakash Nehra It was a privilege to be amongst you on the annual day. I was really happy to see the spirit and enthusiasm in the children, both on and off parade. Bye compliments to the chairman, manager and principal of the school. Wish you all the best.
Major General SP Kalewa It's a pleasure to be here and see the way young boys are being taught not only the academic subjects but also moral values and character building. Compliments and salute to the school management and staff.
Shri Amit Singla,
IAS, Director of education. GNCTD
It is my first visit to the school and I must say I am delighted to see passion for sports here. This school has won under 16 inter State cricket competition and has done the school and the state of Delhi proud. God bless.
Shri Martin Gleeson,
Level 3 cricket Australia coach
Very honored to visit the school and be able to work with your elite young cricketers. Congratulations on your coca cola cup u16 victory and I work forward to continue future success.
Shri Amol Gupte,
Movie director and actor
Smartest cadets. Synchronously, superb, God bless.
Shri Harsh Sehgal
IIT, Delhi
(Alumni of Salwan School)
It was a pleasure to come back to my school after 54 years. I came specifically to say thank you to an organization which contributed to my mental capabilities and basic inputs for personality development. I wish the principal, faculty and students of the school all the best for being successful and reach the top in their fields.
Shri James franar and Smt. Lenne Hunnigg,
British council
Many thanks for welcoming us, arranging the meeting with students and teachers. It was great to meet the mam and view the school.

Recruitment Process as per Directorate of Education.

Followed as per Directorate of Education.