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Founder’s Day Celebrations : 2023

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man.”
Swami Vivekananda In resonance with these profound words, the Salwan Education Trust jubilantly celebrated its 121st Founder’s Day, marking 82 years of dedicated service towards the noble cause of education and nation-building. The grandeur of this milestone was illuminated by a Yajna ceremony on December 5 2023, performed by esteemed Dr. Vaidyanatha Sivachariyar, Mukhya Acharya of Swaminatha Swami Malai Mandir.
Shri Sushil Dutt Salwan, Chairman Salwan Education Trust, greeted the esteemed Mukhya Acharya ji.
A congregation of 2500 students from all the Salwan schools, alongside trustees and special invitees, witnessed a cultural immersion through the Yajna, a sacred ritual connecting them to India’s rich traditions. The ceremony bestowed a unique opportunity for the younger generation to delve into the roots of their heritage. The ceremonial lighting of lamps by dignitaries emitted a serene glow, accompanied by  the resonance of holy chants that filled the atmosphere with divine energy. The campus came alive with joy as students and teachers gathered, igniting the day with fervour and enthusiasm. The sacred Hawan and spiritual chants initiated the celebration, and a palpable sense of divinity reverberated throughout the premises. Dr. Vaidyanatha Sivachariyar, in his benevolence, bestowed blessings upon all present, imparting a sense of spiritual grace to the occasion. The festivities continued with the distribution of Prasad, and lunch was served to the revered Acharyas and esteemed guests, fostering a sense of camaraderie and gratitude. In the tapestry of this Founder’s Day celebrations, the threads of tradition,
education, and cultural enrichment wove together seamlessly, reflecting the Trust’s enduring commitment to shaping not just minds, but also spirits, as they stride into a future guided by wisdom and enlightenment


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