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Empowering Teachers: Heartfulness Workshop at Salwan Boys Senior Secondary School

Empowering Teachers: Heartfulness Workshop at Salwan Boys Senior Secondary School
Salwan Education Trust organized a workshop on Heartfulness for the teachers of Salwan Boys Senior Secondary School from March 19th to March 21st, 2024. The session aimed to teach teachers about Heartfulness as a language of the heart. Led by trained facilitators Ms. Meenu Khurana and Ms. Rama Mani from Heartfulness Foundation, the three-day event focused on empowering educators with heartfulness practices and practical meditation sessions.
Teachers delved into the four steps of Heartfulness meditation: relaxation, meditation, mental cleaning, and inner connect. Through these practices, they experienced how Heartfulness can bring inner peace and emotional balance. The session also highlighted the strength of the heart compared to the brain, emphasizing its influence on emotions and thinking.
Combining theory with practical exercises, the workshop deepened teachers’ understanding of Heartfulness, enhancing their well-being and teaching skills. It encouraged them to adopt a heartful approach in teaching, prioritizing compassion and empathy. The ultimate goal was to empower teachers to connect with students on a deeper level.
Overall, the Heartfulness workshop proved to be a transformative experience for the teachers, fostering personal growth and equipping them with valuable tools for classroom integration. By embracing Heartfulness, educators are better positioned to positively impact students’ lives, creating a more nurturing and supportive learning environment.


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