Messages From Desk

Chairman's Message

There are many ways to approach education. It may be seen as the process by which what is best in a culture is transmitted from one generation to the next, an idea that is the basis of a traditional liberal approach to education.

Equally, its function may be seen as utilitarian, equipping individuals for their expected role in the society. It may be seen as an end in itself, or as a vehicle for cultivating personal qualities that will be of value to society.

This Institution sees Education as a philosophy based on “Humanism” – feeling from “within to without” for the “Have-Nots”. In this desensitized world, a fire burns within each of the “Team Members” to encourage the development of critical faculties of these children that will become a vehicle of social reforms. I am given to understand that the students too are “enjoying their journey of life” with us.

Shri B.L. Vohra, IPS (Retd.)

Director's Message

The world today is fast moving due to scientific and technological developments, which implies that education should be provided on equal basis with equal opportunities and for all. Our endeavor has been to make this institution a temple of learning of academic excellence, developing knowledge base offering opportunities for the all round personality, development of students which inter alia encourages original thinking, a scientific attitude and a modern temper.

We consider the relationship between the teacher and the taught as that of a potter and clay. Just as the potter moulds his clay into his own imagination form gently but firmly, similarly our teachers mould the young students firmly but in caring way to imbibe in them qualities that are so essential to become worthy citizens of our country and become better equipped to tackle the complex problems of the country. Our success in the field of education echoes the fulfillment of vision of the Great Legendary Late Shri Girdhari Lal Salwan, the founder of Salwan Education Trust.

Shri Anil Kumar

Principal's Message

What makes a person survive and thrive through the difficult times? Why are some people tough enough to win over their challenges of life? These questions have never been as important to me as they are today because of the big responsibility placed on our shoulders.

In our noble cause of imparting education to all, our institution is constantly questioning and evolving, with the intention of creating a sustainable environment. It is Imperative, therefore, that the parents and the students understand and appreciate the intention of the school and actively participates in this movement.

We envisage the growth of the students with a definite objective of achievement in life. Knowledge, self dependency, adaptability and changed orientation are the purpose of education, so that the boys can work towards progress, prosperity, harmony and sustainable growth.

“Steadfast in faith” our school aims to rise above the ordinary by developing education which can transform lives and communities. Everyone in our school is cared for unconditionally and valued equally as a unique creation of God. In our learning, in our work, in our relationship and in the ways we organize everything we are committed to – dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of the truth, inspiring your soul, raising the learning bar and caring for the “Have Nots”.

Smt. Saroj Achra

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