The School endeavors to offer wholesome and sound education. It has undergone various transformations in infrastructure over the years

Facilities in the School


The school has a spacious and enriched library containing a wide range of books, including magazines, novels, newspapers, journals, reference books on various subjects and topics. The library serves as a resource centre for the teaching faculty also.

Laboratories/ Labs

The school has laboratories for the following streams:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • General Science
  • Computer Lab
  • ICT Lab

The Laboratories are fully equipped with apparatus, models, instruments, chemicals etc. to meet the curriculum demands and requirements of CBSE for conducting practicals. The lab facilitates first-hand experience of learning different concepts & developing scientific reasoning through experiments.

ATL (Atal Tinkering Lab)

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious!  And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

The Lab has been established under the Atal Innovation Mission – an initiative of Niti Aayog, with a vision to inculcate scientific temperament and cultivate one million child innovators in India. ATL is a work space where young minds can give shape to their ideas and learn innovation skills.

ATL provides an opportunity to students to have hands-on-experience to understand the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


The classrooms are well-ventilated, spacious, well-illuminated, airy and conducive to a good learning environment.

ICT and Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is well equipped with LCD Monitors for the students, teachers and staff working in the school.


Today’s schools are not only tasked with preparing children for their future careers, but also teaching essential life skills, habits and attitudes that will help them successfully navigate adulthood. To do this and provide the best learning experience for students requires both indoor instruction and outdoor physical activity.

Basketball Court

The School has a Basketball Court to provide physical exercise, boost team spirit and add fun and entertainment in the students life.

Volleyball Court

The School has a standard size outdoor Volleyball Court.

Wall Climbing

We have Wall Climbing facility in the school keeping in mind the aim to acquaint students with adventure activity and develop their mental ability and strength. Our students have won various national and international tournaments.

Indoor Games

The school has a games room for students to play Table Tennis, Carom and Chess during regular school hours.

Indoor and Open Gymnasium

Our school provides students access to gym equipment in a safe and comfortable environment.

Rain Water Harvesting


School safety and security, be it physical, emotional or social, is an integral part of the school, and our school ensures to impart this security to each and every child.

Safety of students is one of the first and foremost responsibilities of the school. The following measures are taken by the school to ensure the same.

  1. The HOS and the PET take frequent rounds of the school.
  2. Class Attendance is taken twice a day.
  3. The students are escorted at all times by the concerned class teacher/ subject teacher in queue when they are either disbursed from Morning Assembly or they are going to the Labs/ Activity Room / Sports etc.
  4. The teachers have been assigned duties to monitor the students during recess period, during entry and at the time of closing of school.
  5. The teachers are assigned duties floor wise for the safe and secure movement of the students at the closing time.
  6. The students are allowed to go out of class only with concerned teacher’s permission and class pass.
  7. No student is allowed to go out of school during school timings except with prior approval of teacher/HOS and that too, along with parents only in emergency situation.
  8. The guards on duty at school gate have been told to remain vigilant and record of the visitors entering and leaving the school premises is maintained in the Gate Register.
  9. Various committees namely Anti Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Discipline, Grievance and Complaint, Child Abuse and Emergency Contact Committee have been formed to ensure safety and security of students.
  10. It is ensured that the students do not cross over the school walls or leave the premises through unauthorized exit.
  11. During School Assembly the students are made aware about the safety measures to be observed during school hours, especially during dispersal.
  12. It is ensured that no student is left inside the school premises after the closing of school.
  13. The students and school staff are regularly briefed not to touch any unattended object lying anywhere inside or outside the school.
  14. School Employees’ verification is must.
  15. First Aid Kits are available with staff members including Chemistry Lab and the students are well informed about this facility.
  16. All essential precautions are taken in Science Lab to avoid any toward incident.
  17. The CCTV Cameras installed in corridors, school gate, and library and computer lab of schools are functional.
  18. All electrical connection boxes are covered properly and there is no case of open wire hanging appearing outside anywhere in the entire school premises.
  19. Fire extinguishers are installed at all common places.

Mock drills are carried out on regular basis.

Recruitment Process as per Directorate of Education.

Followed as per Directorate of Education.