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Republic Day Celebrations -2024

‘The strength of a nation lies in the hands of its youth.’

At Salwan Boys Sr Sec School, Republic Day unfolded in a kaleidoscope of patriotic fervor. The campus radiated with the tricolor hues of orange, white, and green, as students proudly showcased their models and paintings, all resonating with the spirit of the nation.

Amidst a backdrop of anticipation, Hon’ble Chairman Shri B L Vohra unfurled the national flag, symbolizing the essence of unity and pride. The resonating notes of the National Anthem filled the air, setting the tone for a day of celebration and reflection.

In his motivational address, Chairman Sir not only congratulated the students on the significance of Republic Day but also emphasized the importance of academic preparation, urging them to excel in their forthcoming exams.

The cultural extravaganza unfolded with speeches, songs, and dances, each performance echoing the patriotic ethos. The festivities continued with spirited competitions like the lemon and spoon race, frog race, and volleyball matches, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship among students and staff alike.

Principal Shri Naresh Kumar’s impassioned speech served as a beacon, inspiring students to channel their energies into diligent study and preparation, ensuring a brighter future for themselves and the nation they proudly represent.



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