School Community

At Salwan, we believe in building bridges of trust and togetherness between Care-givers, Classrooms and Communities through Cooperation, Communication, Co-ordination and Collaboration. Unified by a strong sense of community, all stake-holders work in tandem with shared responsibilities and common goals. Through an effective Home-School-Community Partnership, together, we weave enriching experiences that foster harmonious relationships, necessary for creating a healthier community. Indeed, every member of the Salwan fraternity feels loved, valued and empowered.

PTA Members List

S. No. Name Designation Name of ward Class
1 Shri Sonu Chaudhary Vice-Chairperson Vikrant Chaudhary IX B
2 Shri Rajendra Kashyap Gen. Secretary Ishant Kashyap XI C
3 Smt. Mini Sharma Hony. Secretary Anirush Sharma VIII B
4 Smt. Renu Sakarwal Joint. Secretary Jayant Sakarwal VIII B
5 Shri Kashi Kumar Mishra Treasurer Suresh Kumar Mishra IX B
6 Shri Mahipal Kaushik Member Himesh Kaushik IX A
7 Shri Ramesh Kumar Member Nitish Kumar IX B
8 Shri Tapan Kumar Mandal Member Ishan Kanti Mandal VIII A
9 Smt. Annu Sain Member Krrish IX A
10 Smt. Kusum Member Sahil VII B
11 Smt. Ruchi Gautam Member Tanishq Gautam VII B
12 Shri Sanjay Bedi Member Subhdeep VIII A
13 Smt. Pappi Singh Member Prithvi VIII A
14 Shri Harish Paliwal Member Ishant Paliwal IX B
15 Sukdev Jana Member Subhdeep VI A

Recruitment Process as per Directorate of Education.

Followed as per Directorate of Education.