Middle And Senior Wing

The Middle School is one of the most important phases of school life. It is a time that plays a vital role in sculpting an adult. It also is the time for strengthening concepts and honing the additional talents of students. Keeping this in mind our school is providing the best opportunities to the girls, many of whom are first generation learners. Through quality educational experiences, we ensure that students grow up into well rounded and responsible citizens foster in them- creativity, innovation and a scientific bent of mind. Children are taught to:

Think critically: Hands on experiments and project based learning help in the same. They are also taught to apply the knowledge acquired to beyond the classroom situations.

Introspect: To understand ones strengths and weaknesses.

Developing Team Skills: The same is fostered through team projects, presentations and games.

Teaching social skills: A skill that is vital in chalking out success in later years.

Teaching Life Skills: Home room periods are devoted to the same involving group discussions based on a pre-determined content.

Value Education: Morning assembly is utilized for reinforcing value education.

Developing a healthy body: All students attend Physical Education classes under trained instructors for the same.

The over-arching focus in the Senior Years, however, is preparing students for academic success in the Board Exams in class X and XII. Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment Patterns are aligned to CBSE guidelines and student learning is optimised through remedial and enhancement classes and individualized teaching.

All these efforts are integrated with a strong thrust on building 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication skills and collaboration skills so that our students are well equipped with the right attitudes and attributes to help them succeed in the world after they leave the portals of the school.

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School Admission

Established in 1950, Salwan Boys Senior Secondary School is a Boys only school affiliated to C.B.S.E.

Recruitment Process as per Directorate of Education.

Followed as per Directorate of Education.